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The department adopts 5E (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate) Inquiry Model in the delivery of Science lessons. It is a School-Wide Enrichment Framework: Raising Einstein Toolkit.

Level Programme Description
P1 Science K 1 ds Incorporated into curriculum time; materials are developed by the teachers to introduce fundamental Science concepts to evoke passion in Science from a young age.
P2   2 urprising 2 cience
P3  Fun Fiesta (F 3 ) Pupils are immersed in exciting hands-on activities to arouse their curiosity and create the passion for Science.
P4 Science 4 Kids Pupils are engaged in fun-filled, hands-on activities to stimulate their thinking in Science phenomena.
P5   5 cience 5 leepover Residential camp to expose pupils to intriguing, thought-provoking experiments in a fun, outdoor setting.
P6 Science – 6 n – Wheels Use of unusual toys and gadgets to captivate pupils’ attention and arouse interest in learning of Science

Our journey towards PSE in the long run:

  • To create a Science-loving culture with passionate teachers and enthusiastic students.
  • To build Science teachers’ capacity in terms of content knowledge and pedagogical skills so that they can be competent and confident Science teachers.
  • To maintain both quality and quantity passes at Science PSLE and to achieve above national averages.
  • To improve performance at national competitions such as RI-BP Science Quiz, New South Wales International Science Competition, Science Odyssey and Science Reloaded.
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