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Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue

The department’s 5 Key Areas are:

V alues
I nnovation
B ooks
E mpowering Teachers
S ervice

1.  Values

The department strives to equip the pupils with linguistics skills so that they are able to imbibe values and appreciate knowledge and wisdom in our culture.

2.  Innovation

Teachers adopt innovative strategies, for example: Cooperative Learning, 3R programme to get pupils interested in learning the language, as well as value-add pupils’ academic achievement.

3.  Books

Read to Reap, our structured reading programme, aims to get pupils interested in reading. Reading is FUN!

4.  Empowering Teachers

Teachers are engaged in professional development, always trying out new ideas to excite and impart knowledge to pupils.

5.  Service

Collaboration with parents and other stakeholders to better benefit the pupils.

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