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Programmes within the Curriculum

  • STELLAR being taught from P1-P6
  • Development of oral skills through speech and drama, show and tell, public speaking
  • Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) in the hall before the start of school daily
  • Learning Support Programme (LSP) for low progress pupils in P1 and P2

Buddy Reading

Upper primary Buddy Readers get the opportunity to read with LSP pupils in the mornings

Newspaper Cutting

The majority of our pupils subscribe to the Straits Times and The Little Red Dot. Reading and reviewing articles from the newspaper and doing the exercises in The Little Red Dot weekly help our pupils improve their English.

Journal Writing

To encourage reflection on their own experiences and on current issues, pupils write weekly journals. Communicating through these entries is an avenue to build rapport between the teacher and pupils.

Special Programmes

English Fortnight 

In April, pupils of all levels take part in writing competitions such as poetry writing and news report writing. They also put up performances based on themes that promote the school core values, in the form of skits or readers’ theatre. Besides the performances, there are also fringe activities. This includes an oratorical competition, ‘Say What?’ and scrabble games during recess.

P1 Speech and Drama Lessons by an external vendor

All primary 1 pupils learn speech projection, rhythm and intonation through drama taught by qualified drama instructors during curriculum time. This will culminate in a short drama performance by each class during assembly.

Introduction of Scrabble

Scrabble is introduced to pupils from P1 to improve their vocabulary and thinking skills. They can join the Scrabble Club from P2. Those who play the game well will be further trained to represent the school in national competitions.


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