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Holistic Assessment

Holistic Assessment

Da Qiao Primary School started implementing Holistic Assessment as one of sixteen prototype schools in 2010. The key focus in Holistic Assessment implementation is the use of formative assessment to support and improve student learning. Formative assessment also aims to enhance motivation and engagement.

Through formative assessment, teachers, students and parents are provided with information on where the child is going and where the child is currently at on the learning continuum. With this information, teachers can then provide the necessary support to move the child to the next level of their learning. This alignment between learning goals and classroom assessment practices for both teachers and students will better prepare students for their summative assessment and future challenges.

Holistic Assessment @ DQ has provided students with the skills to think about their own learning process. Peer assessment and collaborative work has allowed students to be learning resources for one another.

Lesson are full of life with clear learning outcomes in mind which are shared by students, their peers and the teachers. Through these lessons, students feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and have become independent learners who have a lifelong love for learning.

To further enhance teachers’ assessment literacy and competency in the use of formative assessment strategies in a more structured and sustainable manner, the school, in collaboration with the MOE, has formed Teacher Learning Communities since 2013.  The TLC-FA provided a structured platform for teachers to learn and share about the use of formative assessment strategies with one another. The learning segment covered in each meeting as well as the professional discourse that evolved from these meetings has deepened the teachers’ understanding of the use of formative assessment strategies in moving their students’ learning forward.

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