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Learning For Life Programme

Learning For Life Programme

“FLOURISH @ DQ : Developing Character Strengths, Resilience & Mindfulness through VIA”.

FLOURISH @ DQ is influenced by the works of Martin Seligman in Positive Psychology.  The programme uses positive psychology to influence and change the culture of the school through the use of specific Positive Psychology strategies to influence and change behaviours. Positive Education (the use of PP in school) is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences so as to develop the skills and knowledge that would shape their character.

FLOURISH @ DQ focuses on enhancing wellbeing through the provision of learning experiences where values can be put into action. The programme ensures that students will go through a 6-year progressive experience in community service that would bring out the character strengths and develop resilience and mindfulness in every student regardless of their ability level. With the fundamental belief that everyone can flourish, the programme is customised to suit the needs of the students and to develop each student to his fullest potential. Using the Positive Educational Practices Framework by Martin Seligman, Da Qiao Primary incorporates strength, mindfulness and resilience in its FLOURISH programme with the 5 basic tenets of wellbeing in mind mainly: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationship, Meaning and Accomplishment.

Through the TEACH, EMBED and LIVE approach, the programme will equip students with the skills to utilise their strengths in community service. It integrates VIA in IP and non IP areas and leverages a school-wide structure for students to practise compassion towards self, others and the school community until it develops as a way of life in the school.

The LLP is designed to bring about a shift in our way of life in the school community where everyone feels Good and is able to do Good to others. Through the experience of learning values and practising the application of values in daily life, the programme helps to develop pupils with the skills needed in the 21st century. ‘Feeling Good and Doing Good’ serves to ensure that even the youngest member of the school community can begin to understand what it means to flourish. Having the opportunity to show kindness towards others develops students’ Social and Emotional Competencies – skills necessary for students to recognise and manage their emotions, develop care and concern for others, make responsible decisions, establish positive relationships, as well as to handle challenging situations effectively. It builds resilience as they become aware of the needs of others in the community and develop the consciousness to be mindful individuals in society who values what is given in the present moment and who does not take the gift of life for granted.

FLOURISH @ DQ through VIA develops citizenship, the value of responsibility, and many other positive character strengths, making it a highly effective approach to inculcate the skills of wellbeing. In addition to a whole-school approach to VIA and in line with the school’s desire to be inclusive, at-risk students and student leaders will have customized VIA plans to further build their character strength of confidence, optimism and humility.

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