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Highlights in the Math Department:

Holistic Assessment

As one of the 16 prototype schools in Singapore to embark on Holistic Assessment, the teaching and learning of Mathematics in Da Qiao is a well-balanced one made of summative and formative assessments.  The conscientious efforts taken by the teachers to incorporate Assessment for Learning tasks that are formative in nature has helped in ensuring a balanced assessment for the students from Primary 1 right up to Primary 6.  Examples of formative assessment tasks include Problem Solving tasks which are accompanied by rubrics/checklist for peer and self-assessment, Math Trails, Math Journals and Reviews.

Performance tasks, hands on lesson take place in the Maths Mart, which is a designated room for Math, where manipulative are made easily accessible for the learning and teaching of Mathematics.  Learning Journeys and Math trails out of the classroom to places like the Singapore Zoological Gardens, Changi International Airport and even the library and neighbourhood shops, add to the vibrant learning of the students.  The Math Wonderland in school where there are Math games and quizzes is also a Math haven for students to go to any time they like.

Formative Assessment strategies are employed in every classroom to engage students in their learning of Math. Students, teachers and peers are all involved in the learning process and this makes them all owners of their learning. FA tools and techniques are also used to gauge students’ learning at different points of a lesson so as to allow for adaptive teaching and providing feedback that feeds forward.

Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) and Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN)

Students in Primary 1 undergo an Early Numeracy Indicator test which helps identify struggling learners in basic numeracy. These students are placed in the Learning Support for Mathematics Programme.  They go through a structured programme in a smaller teacher-student ratio.

At Primary 3, 4 and 5 Foundation, students who continue to need more help in Math are placed in the Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN) classes where teachers are specially trained to customise lessons according to the students’ pace.

Math Genius Club

The high ability learners in Mathematics are identified in Primary 4 and 5 to attend the Math Genius Club where they are trained to take part in National Math Olympiads held annually.

Math Adoption Programme

The Math Adoption Programme is an initiative by the Math department in supporting the Lower Progress students in the Primary 5 and 6 Standard Math.

It is a one-to-one / one-to-two intervention method conducted on a once/twice weekly basis. Math teachers are matched to one or two students and time is allocated on weekday mornings to provide help for these identified students. Specially designed worksheets on basic concepts are provided for the students.

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