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PSG Chairman Message for Parents

PSG Chairman Message for Parents


Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own action.  – Dalai Lama

Dear Parents,

On behalf of Parent Support Group (PSG) Exco Committee, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome all of you to journey with us in establishing a meaningful partnership with the school and to work towards the school’s vision of “A Flourishing School with Happy and Confident Learners”.

The PSG goal is to provide support and a network for parents-school-student bonding. Parenting will always be an adventure no matter where you are, but parenting with different families and friends and in a different language and culture can present challenges that no parent should endure alone. Being a parent volunteer is not about who you are; it is all about your care for the school and the community around it.

With the knowledge and viewpoints you bring as a parent, your involvement is a vital element in this home-school partnership that has both direct and indirect impact on your child’s school experience. Through this connection, you can make a difference and help the school shape not only your child’s learning experience, but those of many others as well.

Leveraging your volunteerism, we will tap on your expertise to achieve active and collaborative partnership among parents, teachers and the community.

I would like to extend my gratitude to parents who have stepped forward to assist and serve in various capacities during the past years, and would like to encourage more parents to join this big ‘family’.

Thank you.
Gina Lai
DQPS PSG Chairman

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